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Special Events

ECC offers a wide array of services that are designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients.  Whether you want to promote your organization by putting on a 5k race or go on a marriage growth kayaking retreat, ECC will ensure you get more out of our service than what you pay for! 

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Some of our special events include but are not limited to:


Promotional road, trail, mountain bike and adventure race development.  ECC has put on racing events that have raised funds for charities, promoted a new business and encouraged community health.  Whatever your reason  is for wanting to put on a race ECC can make it happen for you!


Retreats (Christian men, women, youth, marriage, team). ECC believes if a marriage can make it through a canoe trip they can make it through anything! Whether it is a weekend canoe/camping trip or a five star resort get away with all accommodations, the bottom line is learning what makes you and those closest to you tick and how to foster that into the best team possible!

Leadership Development

One of the biggest challenges to success of a vision is trying to get community and organization members fully engaged and using their strengths to collectively achieve shared visions.  ECC is designed to train future and current leaders to lead in a constantly changing, interconnected and complex world.

Team Building

Team building activities are designed to provide experiential learning that promotes teamwork, communication and leadership. ECC has staff who have designed and implemented teambuilding programs that range from a one day workshop to a week long retreat in Vegas and everything in between.